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Our Partnership with

One World Sports

"One World Sports Association seeks to build personal and cross-cultural relationships through sports to foster better understanding and appreciation of different cultures."


Bringing cultures together

Local Relationships

Through One World Sports Association, Jeremy and Ann have uprooted their family from Texas and relocated permanently to Bosnia. They have gained tremendous local support and trust from the Bosnian people as they continue building lasting relationships. With their unique talent in connecting with people through sports, it allows those who are visiting a chance to experience a truly once-in-a-lifetime local experience. Jeremy and Ann are passionate about bringing cultures together through coaching and sports. American Football, Soccer, Snow Skiing, Cycling, Running & Basketball are just a few of the sports they are involved in that enable personal relationships to be formed. Jeremy and Ann can also offer student exchange programs for 6-months to 1-year for college students that seek to study abroad, coach abroad, obtain real-world experience through the use of a gap year, or participate in sports at the Bosnian Professional and Semi-Professional levels. By traveling to Bosnia with One World, not only are getting a truly unique travel experience, but you are also supporting them and the relationships they have formed.  

As true men of peace, this family's passion for cross-cultural exchange, hospitality and attention to detail at making you feel welcome will tear down walls of misunderstanding and prejudices as you come face to face with the heart of the Middle East Muslim culture. Let us introduce you to what life is like as a local Emirati for 7 to 10 days in the United Arab Emirates. Their ancient and diverse culture perfectly mixes their Middle-Eastern Bedouin history, delicious Emirati cuisine, and rich dark coffees, with their Muslim heritage, beautiful mountainous deserts, and glamorous cities, where even the malls are spectacular. The friendships and bonds formed are truly unique and genuine. You will leave the Emirates with the ability to make a claim most westerners never can. To have brothers and a second home in the United Arab Emirates.

Available in 2020, participate in 7-10 day trip opportunities to the African Continent. In eastern Africa, you will experience some of the most incredible wildlife and landscapes while gaining an up-close and personal, face to face understanding of the African culture, cuisine, history, and a life most Americans can only dream to experience. Shannon and his team take every opportunity to ensure your cross-cultural experience is unique and absolutely authentic. The memories, relationships, and experiences will be treasured for a lifetime.

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